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10’000.000 kg
of daily waste production

This is the amount of solid waste that ends up in the rivers, seas, forests and communities of Colombia.

The Problem

We are destroying our own natural resources and environment through the inadequate disposition of solid waste, and our country does not have policies in place to tackle this huge challenge. Current regulations promote outdated models that make it harder for smaller communities to begin to solve this problem. There are currently over 6000 communities that lack proper waste management systems in Colombia.

The Solution

A waste-management model that is also a communityentrepreneurship opportunity. Our Integrated Waste Management System (MIRS) can repurpose up to 90% of all the waste generated by a community, turning trash into a source of income and employment, while minimizing the environmental impact of the community on its surroundings and water sources. 



Diagonal Santander # 8 – 50
Cúcuta, Colombia

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