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Video: Fundación MIMA overview.

The foundation

We are an organization dedicated to the development of sustainable communities and the responsible management of the environment. Through strategic partnerships with public and private organizations and agencies, we execute projects that improve the living conditions of those living in the least favored regions of Colombia. Our projects are designed to promote personal, collective, environmental, and economic development in the communities that adopt them.


We are always looking for new partners and sources of support to bring our projects to new communities. If you are interested in our work and want to learn more, please write us using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Our Challenge

To design, execute and supervise sustainable, large-scope environmental projects that promote:

In our communities:

  • Food security and balanced nutrition.
  • Improvement of socio-economic standards.
  • Access to all basic needs, through quality services.

In our soil:

  • Systematic improvement of the environment.
  • Reduction of the environmental impact generated by communities.
  • Transference of knowledge and technology, adapted to the local conditions of each region.

In our towns:

  • Creation of commercial opportunities using fair trade practices.
  • Stability of local and regional governments by improving their relationship with low-income communities.
  • Adoption of public policies that ensure the continuity of our programs and the self-sustainable communities that benefit from them.

Video: Fundación MIMA in San José de Saco